Wallaby Blog - Facebook LiteFacebook Lite is, as the name suggests, a scaled down version of regular Facebook. The official literature says it was designed to “help you keep in touch with your friends more quickly and easily.” It certainly does have a cleaner and simpler appearance, which provides for greater focus on posts. I also like the placement of the “Profile”, “Info”,”Chat” and “Inbox” buttons – top, center and bold!

Facebook Lite is accessible at; http://lite.facebook.com. Nevertheless, I recommend you start by going to the “Default Site” page at; http://lite.facebook.com/settings/defaultsite/ Here you will be able to choose between regular Facebook and Facebook Lite. Regardless of whether you choose regular or lite, I recommend you also check the box marked “Let me switch between Regular Facebook and Facebook Lite”. If you do, a blue bar will appear at the top of your Facebook that enables you to switch back and forth between the two versions.

Give a try. I can’t hurt and as I said it sure makes it a lot easier to read posts.