Social media is one of the four main legs of effective networking diversification:
1. Casual Contacts (chambers of commerce)
2. Knowledge (professional associations)
3. Strong Contacts (BNI)
4. Online (Facebook etc)

But, can social media actually generate profitable relationships? The answer of course is “yes”, however it takes time, energy and effort i.e. visibility and credibility. I know this to be true because Outback Solutions has received business as a result of our social media presence. Nevertheless, it may be argued that as a web design and Internet services company we are better positioned to take advantage of social media. That is probably true, but I want to present you instances of other companies, organizations and individuals who have developed profitable online relationships.

The first case study is a colleague who is a photographer. He has an extensive social media presence and is particularly focused on Twitter. He regularly posts links to his photos. One set of photos were “retweeted” by a tequila blog which resulted in an invitation to a local event. The upshot of all this is the potential for the photographer to sell his work to a number of organizations he met as a result of his social presence.

So social media does work! Please feel free to tell us the story of your social media success.