Many Facebook users have faced the issue of their page URL being rather cumbersome. Recently, I even encountered a website that would not accept the full Facebook URL. Enter the vanity URL. The ability to create a custom or vanity URL not only makes it much easier to share with others, but it also allows Facebook users to capture a small portion of social media fame.

Facebook personal and fan page administrators may choose a vanity URL by going to On this page, simple instructions advise how to choose a URL. The vanity URLs may include numbers, letters, and periods, but not hypens or underscores. Once you make your selection, and it has been screened for availability, you will be warned of several things:
1. You can’t change the username once you set it.
2. You can’t transfer the ownership of a username to another party.
3. You can’t violate anyone elses trademark rights.
4. If you are acquiring a username to sell it in the future (squatting), you will lose it.
5. Usernames may be reclaimed for other unauthorized usages.

Finally, after these warnings you will be asked to confirm your decision to select the particular URL.

Give it a try. It’s easy and it sure makes a difference in terms of telling your page address. WRT the issue I mentioned initially, once I created a vanity URL the offending site accepted it without question!
One last point – If you have more questions, select the “Learn more about Facebook usernames” link. It is an excellent resource.