Today, April 25th is ANZAC Day, the most significant, solemn and poignant day in the Australian and New Zealand national calendars. It may be described in its significance as a combination of Independence Day and Memorial Day. ANZAC stands for “Australian & New Zealand Army Corps”, and originally commemorated those brave Australians and New Zealanders who landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula, April 25th, 1915, and did not return.

ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget

Australian soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan

Today ANZAC Day is an opportunity to remember all Australians and New Zealanders who have made the ultimate sacrifice in military conflict, to honor returned servicemen and women, and give thought to the young men and women who are currently serving. The ANZAC values of self sacrifice, camraderie and national pride are powerfully demonstrated by service men and women around the world. It may interest you to know that a sizable number of Australians are currently stationed in combat zones including Iraq and Afghanistan. Some have also made the ultimate sacrifice.

The quintessential elements of the Australian experience; adventure, delight, temerity, grit, industriousness, wit and enterprise still underpin the importance of ANZAC Day, nearly 100 years after the Gallipoli landing. The values, commitment and ethic of the ANZACs remain touchstones for Australians around the world.