Social MediaThe results are in, social media involvement can produce profitability! According to a recent “” article 1 of 3 business owners reported that their social media presence positively contributed to their profitability. also reported that those who had been using social media longer had even greater success.

What’s more important, the vast majority of businesses told that social media “created buzz for their businesses”. As I have mentioned previously, the real purpose of social media is improving your visibility and credibility. The ultimate result may be however profitability! The survey of nearly 2,000 business owners bears this out. It is also important to note that a commitment to participate over an extended period of time is necessary for social media usage to produce successful results. This should not come as a surprise to seasoned business people who will know that profitable business partnerships are based on trust, and trust takes time.

The survey also reported a number of other benefits which may stem from social media. These include:
1. increased website traffic
2. opportunities to build new business relationships & sales leads.
3. an improvement in search engine rankings.
4. reduced marketing expenses.

On the question of which social media platforms are preferred, it will not shock you to learn that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs were the clear favorites. It might surprise you to learn that an overwhelming number of recipients plan to focus more time and energy on blogging. Surprising simply because blogging is most time intensive and mentally taxing social media pursuit. Most business people I know complain they don’t have time to do the things they need to do now. Nevertheless, in this writer’s estimation, blogs are the best “bang for your buck” social media platforms in the visibility-credibility-profitability continuum. Blog on!

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