BNI Sacramento & Central ValleyAt 5pm on Friday, May 1st the new BNI Sacramento & Central Valley regional website officially went live. The new site is part of BNI’s worldwide branding effort and reflects the appearance and format of other new regional websites throughout the USA. Although the appearance of the new website has changed, its functionality has been maintained and even enhanced. You can see the new format at; There are some differences in the new site which will take a little getting used to for all of us.

There are a number of items in the new site to which I want to draw to your attention:
1. The “Members Only” link on the main navigation bar is linked to BNI Connect. BNI Connect consists of a number elements including a social media platform exclusively for BNI members throughout the world. Please click here to visit BNI Connect. If is your first time to visit BNI Connect, select “Lost Password” and enter the email which you use on You will be sent a password to gain entry. Chapter directors will be presenting more information about BNI Connect in the coming months.
2. BNI CV Leadership Team and Members Only Sections. Links to these sections of the site are located on the left side of every page. Access to these sections remains password protected.
3. The BNI CV Calendar may be accessed from the “Event Calendar” link. As with the previous website the 30 day calendar includes all the major events which occur in BNI Central Valley.
4. To find a member’s information in the new site select the link “Find a Member”, enter as much information as you have available and press “Find Members”. You may also search for all members in a “general category” such as “accountant” or by using a keyword (e.g. Lodi or internet).
5. Google Maps. On the “Find a Chapter”, “Contact Us” and “Visitors” pages you will find links to Google maps of chapters in the region. Select the links below to see the maps:
a. Central Valley: North (Truckee to Elk Grove)
b. Central Valley: South (Lodi to Merced)

I will be making a presentation about BNI Connect and the new regional site at the BNI Riversides Executives chapter meeting Wednesday, May 12th. If you would like to attend, you MUST reserve a seat by emailing by NLT May 5th. A charge of $5/person will be required to pay for the room.