Hyatt Regency Sacramento

Hyatt Regency Sacramento

On Tuesday, May 11th Larisa Capodieci & I presented “Social Networking 101” (SN 101) to a group of nearly 30 upper management staff members of the Sacramento Hyatt Regency Hotel. The group represented all the main departments in the hotel including; HR, events, housekeeping, front desk, financial, valet and catering. The opportunity was the result of a referral from Richard Hernandez (HR Manager Hyatt Regency Sacramento). Richard is also attending Saturday’s SN 102.

The presentation focused on:
a. The benefits of social networking.
b. Social networking strategy.
c. An introduction to social media platforms.
d. Social network etiquette.

The participants were an energetic and interested group who asked a series of thoughtful questions.

Thank you again Richard for organizing the event.