Social Networking 201 WorkshopJody Amato, Larisa Capodiecio and I really enjoyed Saturday’s Social Networking 201 Workshop. Based on the participants’ feedback they also found it useful, stimulating and a little eye opening! Thank you to you all for making the workshop a success.  The participants were a really diverse group.  They included representatives from two of Sacramento’s top hotels (Hyatt Regency & Le Rivage), Bertolucci’s Body Shop, Juice Plus, Elk Grove Milling, Mr. Loophole, BNI Central Valley and Jenkins Chiropractic.

In an effort to assist the workshop participants, and others who are interested in developing their social media presence, below are a selection of Larisa, Jody and John’s social media platforms:
Larisa: Taylor Publishing Facebook fan page, Twitter & blog.
Jody: Inkblot Communications Facebook fan page & Linkedin.
John: Outback Solutions Facebook fan page, BNI CV Group page, Linkedin, Wallaby Blog & BNI blog

In addition, click here to see a very interesting study of the state of the Internet.

Special thanks to Brian Bentzen, the Sac Chef, who catered the workshop and Sean Boyd, Mr. Loophole, who provided the venue.

Finally, the next Social Networking 201 workshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 26th at 8880 Cal Center Drive. If you would like to attend see the “Events” page for more information, and call (916) 489-9302 or email to register.