Momservations by Kelli M. Wheeler

Momservations by Kelli M. Wheeler

Yesterday Outback Solutions closed a piece of business which resulted directly from Facebook.  This is the first instance of social media profitability that I can report personally.   It also confirms the premise that in social media, like real life, visibility plus credibility can give rise to profitability!

In summary, a Facebook request for information about a reliable, local website company resulted in several people recommending Outback Solutions.  As a result, Kelli M. Wheeler contacted Outback Solutions for assistance with her web and social media presence.

Kelli is a freelance writer and published author.  She is well known in Sacramento for her column in the publication “Inside Arden”.  She also wrote and published “Momservations”, an endearing and charming  picture book full of wonderful and poignant thoughts and observations about parenting.

So, as I have mentioned previously in this blog, social media is a medium which can produce profitability, but it must be preceded by visibility and credibility, both of which take time!