It is important to remember that every time you make an entry on your social media platform of choice, post to a blog or leave a comment you are leaving your digital signature and adding to your online identity. Therefore the watch word for all your interactions is “care”. Let me say it again, be careful, be careful, be very careful!

Now that we have that out of the way, lets look at some of the key points of etiquette and security you should keep in mind for all of your social media excursions:
1. Protect your Reputation. Please consider how your comments may be be received, and review them before making them live. Keep your comments professional and avoid excessive emotion. Heightening emotion can reduce intelligence. Don’t write an emotionally charged comment that could influence your reputation permanently!
2. Visibility AND Credibility. The first goal of all of your social media interactions must be to add value!  Added value for those who read your entry.  The purpose of your social media entries is to create visibility and through it establish your credibility.  Your credibility will speak for you and your followers can  sell you better than you can. DON’T always sell. It’s not all about you.
3.  Write about what is important to you and your network. Stick to the point.  Keep the focus of your comments on the issues you are well versed to discuss.  And remember,  quality is preferable to quantity.
4.  Avoid Controversial Topics. We were told as children in Australia, in public don’t talk about sex,religion, politics or money.  This rule holds true for your social media discussions.  Remember, permanent record, reputation and emotion!
5. Photos: use discretion. Photographs are an essential component of any good social media presence, but they can also work against you.  Please insure the photos you post are appropriate and will enhance, or at the  very least maintain your reputation.

Finally, remember involvement in social media is free, BUT…  It’s like a dog you get at the pound.  It costs nothing until you get it home.  The same is true for social media.  The initial cost is almost always nothing, but be prepared to commit your energy, time and thought to its upkeep.  All of which cost or equal money!