iPhone AppsBack in April I wrote about my ten favorite iPhone apps. Time and the iPhone march on and there are now a number of other apps that I want to tell you about.   As with my previous list, the apps highlighted are my personal and subjective preferences, and arranged in random order.

1. Cardreader ($4.99) If you are a business person with an iPhone, a business card reader is an essential tool. This app is simple to use, accurate and automatically updates your “Contacts” with the new information.
2. AAA TripTik (Free). This app brings back the days when your Dad went to AAA to pick up the trip map for the family driving vacation.  In addition to road map directions, it includes trip information including the locations of gas stations, hotels, restaurants, automotive repair and points of interest.  It even includes a speaking “co-pilot” and will automatically transmit your AAA member number and location if you call for road service.
3. Dictionary.com (Free) For those of us that love to read, this app is an absolute must.  I am in thrall (look it up) to this app!
Gorillacam4. WorldWiki (Free) During the FIFA World Cup I have used this app repeatedly to find information about the countries competing.  It includes demographic information about more than 250 countries and territories.
5. Showtimes (Free) Last Friday night our whole family went out for dinner and a movie.  We arranged the event around the movie timing and found out about the movie using this app.  It automatically determined our location and provided a map.  It even allowed us to indicate our favorite cinemas. Oh, the movie (Knight and Day) was a lot of fun!
6. Fandango (Free). Once you have decided on the film you can use Fandango to purchase the tickets online.  It’s easy, simple…and it works!
7. SnapTell (Free) You can use this app to photograph the cover of a book, CD, DVD or video game and within seconds find out  where to buy it online or at your local book store. In addition, it offers a Wikipedia review.
8. Gorillacam (Free) This is an excellent camera app which includes a self-timer, time lapse, anti-shake, bubble level, 3 shot burst and press anywhere shoot functions.  Gorillacam also makes an innovative tripod for the iPhone.
9. Red Laser (Free) scans bar codes and instantly gives you online and local pricing information.
10. PayPal (Free) is one of the best and simplest online payment systems.  This app provides similar functionality to the full program.

I love discovering new and interesting apps, so feel free to let me know your personal favorites.