Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce Small Business ExpoOn Friday, August 13th I attended the excellent Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce Small Business Expo.  The event was extremely well organized, and was a credit to Rita Velasquez (Interim Executive director).  I especially enjoyed the welcoming remarks by Congressman Dan Lungren and the keynote speaker Assemblyman Roger Niello.   Both were informative, interesting and entertaining.  They spoke to the need for the government to create opportunities for small business as the best way by which to stimulate the economy.

I presented “Social Networking 101” (SN 101) as one of  the expo breakout sessions.  A group of nearly 30 attendees, who represented a broad cross section of businesses in the Elk Grove area, attended my presentation. The opportunity was the result of a referral from Bob Lent (Owner, Elk Grove Milling).

My presentation focused on:
a. The benefits of social networking.
b. Social networking strategy.
c. An introduction to social media platforms.
d. Social network etiquette.

The participants were an energetic and interested group who asked a series of thoughtful questions.

Thank you again Rita and the staff of Elk Grove Chamber of commerce for organizing the event.