gogo Inflight InternetEarlier this week my family I caught one of the last flights out of Dallas, TX before a massive winter storm closed the airport and crippled many eastern and southern states.  We had just spent four days in southern Indiana for the funeral of Eva’s mom.  AA Flight 1951 to Sacramento was the bumpiest ride I have experienced on a commercial airliner (weather related, not pilot or aircraft induced). It turned out to be a memorable flight, and not just because of the rough ride.  It was also my first experience using the Internet at 30,000ft!

American Airlines is one of a number carriers that now offers passengers inflight Wi-Fi. The service is called “gogo Inflight Internet”, and although it is not free, it is good value. During the flight I was able to:
a. surf the web,
b. send email,
c. post a Facebook status,
d. FTP updates for several Ace Hardware websites, and
e. even use “Go To My PC” to remotely access my office computer in Sacramento, CA.

In addition, I used both my laptop and iPhone while in flight!

It’s a simple three step process to get online with gogo:
1. Turn on laptop, pad or smart phone Wi-Fi.
2. Select the “gogoinflight” connection.
3. Launch the browser and sign up for gogo Inflight service.
There is a card in each seat pocket with specific instructions for iPhone and Blackberry.

As I said, the service is not free, but the prices are quite reasonable considering there is no alternative at 30,000ft. There are even several options available:
1. Flight Pass. $12.95 for an individual flight.
2. 24 Hour Pass. $11.00.
3. 6 Pack. $49.95 for a six flight bundle.
4. Unlimited. $34.95 per month automatically renewed, cancel anytime.

The bottom line for me was that for the price of a few Starbucks lattes (which I could not even buy in rural southern Indiana) I was able to complete a number of pieces of work which otherwise would have required me to work late after the flight or rise early the next day.  Good value indeed!

For more information visit goginflight.com