Believe in the BandThe Outback Solutions team recently completed work on Phase 1 of an adventurous and innovative social media website called “Believe in the Band” (BitB).  BitB is the brain child of Ronnie Hartong of Santa Cruz, CA and offers an online community for artists to connect with a worldwide network of fans, music professionals and other artists to share their passion for music.

At the heart of Believe in the Band is an exclusive virtual memorabilia program. All artists are given free virtual merchandise that may be personalized by the artists and then purchased by fans in order to support their success.  Fans display the bands virtual memorabilia on their fan page.  Bands earn royalties from the sale of their virtual memorabilia that they can use to travel to an event or to buy instruments or anything else they may need to succeed.
Click here to register an artist
Unsigned artists may also post; videos, music and photos.  In addition, bands can:
1. post blog entries,
2. add events,
3. create a wishlist, and
4. send messages to their fans.
Click here to see a band page.  Click here to read the “Band FAQs”

Believe in the Band fan registrationFans have fun adding merchandise to their page and showing their appreciation for the musicians that make the music they love.   Click here to see a fan page.  Click here to read the “Fan FAQs”.
Registration as a fan or a band is simple and easy.  Just select the links below:
1. Fan signup.
2. Artist signup.
Sign up today and tell your friends in unsigned bands that BitB is great way to create a following, and make money!