Costello's Ace Hardware Facebook Fan Gate couponsRecently Outback Solutions was asked by a client, Costello’s Ace Hardware, to place a coupon on their Facebook page which could only be seen by those who select the page “Like” button.  This was an interesting request, and one I found actually offered a raft of opportunities for any business with a Facebook “business” page.

The premise of fan gate applications (as they are known) is that visitors to your business Facebook page can only see certain content if they “Like” the page.  This of course offers a tremendous opportunity to increase the number of people who follow your Facebook entries.  By offering special incentives, only available on Facebook, you may more effectively track the value of your page.  In addition, If you have a store front, like Costello’s Ace Hardware in Long Island, NY you may also increase the foot traffic into your place of business.

The application we used to create the Costello’s Ace Hardware “Coupons” fan gate page is  Wildfire’s “iFrames for Pages”.  It is easy to use and download, and even better, it provides a simple interface to add all the information needed to create a Fan Gate page.  Granted some basic knowledge of HTML is very helpful, but it is certainly not essential.  iFrames for Pages creates a panel in which you may:
1. Choose to turn Fan Gate “on” or “off”.
2. Create the “Fans View” using a custom image or HTML, and
3. Create the “Non-Fans View” using a custom image or HTML.
Once this complete it is a simply a matter selecting the disclaimer and saving your work. The page is immediately available and operational.

Given the success of the Costello’s Fan Gate, we have also added it to a number of other Facebook business pages including:
1.  Carmichael Ace Hardware – Sacramento, CA
2. Gardnerville Ace Hardware – Gardnerville, NV
3. Mr. Electric – Rancho Cordova, CA

If you would like to know more about how a Fan Gate can help build your Facebook business page following send an email to or call 1-888-794-9287.