California Annular Eclipse May 20, 2012Outback Solutions is excited to be working with The Geology Club at UC Davis to provide a fun bonus for our readers and clients!! We have procured special viewing glasses that will allow you to view the upcoming Annular Solar Eclipse without frying your eyes.

“What eclipse?”

Good question.   Here is all the information you will need to learn about the eclipse; discover the best viewing sites (Chico or  Truckee sound the most fun to us); and learn lots of other cool NASA stuff:  Click Here to visit NASA.

Grab the car, a picnic and these glasses and get ready for some fun. On Sunday May 20, 2012 at approximately 6:30 pm PDT there will be an Annular Solar Eclipse visible right here in California.

We at Outback Solutions like to think OUTBACK the box and decided to give away these viewing glasses to the first 100 who ask for them. It is that simple.

“How do I get my glasses?”

Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below and we will pop them in the mail asap:

Outback Eclipse Glasses
815 El Chorro Way
Sacramento, CA 95864

Send us your photos so we can post them here. This is the new Super Hero look for the fashion season. Consider wearing them to a viewing of “The Avengers” for fun. (Psssst: You won’t be able to see a thing, they are for viewing the sun so you really can’t see out of them at all UNLESS you are looking at the sun)

Have fun viewing the eclipse and let us know of your experiences!