Wow!  We have been inundated with requests for eclipse glasses so I know many of us will be watching and enjoying this rare phenomena.  We are completely out of glasses.  Thanks for joining in!  I called my contact at the UC Davis Geology club (that would be our fabulous, amazing daughter!) and she said TODAY ONLY there are a few pairs left available to purchase at the UC Davis Geology building.  Here is a bit more info that she sent me:

Professor Howard Spero is selling Solar Eclipse Glasses (about 1000 pairs) at the front desk (Ask for Val) in the Geology Department Office in the Earth and Physical Sciences Building on campus.  Office is Located next to the arboretum (and in the shadow of the campus water tower). There is 30 min street parking, but you can also park with a visitors day pass at a visitor parking lot.  Business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST), Monday through Friday; phone:             (530) 752-0350      ; FAX: (530) 752-0951

$2 for 1 pair, $5 for 3 pairs, bulk orders available

This is the map to the building:

This is what the building looks like:

For more information about the eclipse on Sunday:

The eclipse is on Sunday 5/20.

For additional information you might find interesting. Go to:
and enlarge the map so you can see the path of the eclipse.  You will see the partial eclipse from all over northern California. Within the path, you can see the moon centered in the sun so that you get a ring of fire around the moon during maximum eclipse.

Also information about the Transit of Venus:

Good Luck  and good viewing.  Please send any great photos or experiences you have with the eclipse.