Social Networking 102

We periodically conduct a seminar called Social Networking 201 workshop. The class is a “hands on” program intended to teach the fundamentals of social media platforms. Participants will leave with a workable social media presence and an understanding of how to make business more profitable through social networking. Class size is limited to 10. Cost $175 (which includes a light lunch & refreshments).

Class Title: Social Networking 201

Aim: To develop an understanding of Social Networking and a number of Social Media platforms.


1. Teach the fundamentals of social networking.

2. Highlight the main social media platforms.

3. Show how social networking may contribute to the success of an organization or business.


1. Introduction to Social Networking.

2. Benefits of Social Networking

3. Social Media Strategy

4. Social Media Platforms.

5. Social Networking Etiquette

The class format makes use of video, a PowerPoint presentation, handouts and individual participation.

Location: 8880 Cal Center Drive, Sacramento (1st floor conference room). Off street parking is available behind the building.

Call (916) 489-9302 or email to register.


8 Responses to “Events”

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  2. Great post. Will you please write far more about this topic.

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