Believe in the BandThe Outback Solutions team recently completed work on Phase 1 of an adventurous and innovative social media website called “Believe in the Band” (BitB).  BitB is the brain child of Ronnie Hartong of Santa Cruz, CA and offers an online community for artists to connect with a worldwide network of fans, music professionals and other artists to share their passion for music.

At the heart of Believe in the Band is an exclusive virtual memorabilia program. All artists are given free virtual merchandise that may be personalized by the artists and then purchased by fans in order to support their success.  Fans display the bands virtual memorabilia on their fan page.  Bands earn royalties from the sale of their virtual memorabilia that they can use to travel to an event or to buy instruments or anything else they may need to succeed.
Click here to register an artist
Unsigned artists may also post; videos, music and photos.  In addition, bands can:
1. post blog entries,
2. add events,
3. create a wishlist, and
4. send messages to their fans.
Click here to see a band page.  Click here to read the “Band FAQs”

Believe in the Band fan registrationFans have fun adding merchandise to their page and showing their appreciation for the musicians that make the music they love.   Click here to see a fan page.  Click here to read the “Fan FAQs”.
Registration as a fan or a band is simple and easy.  Just select the links below:
1. Fan signup.
2. Artist signup.
Sign up today and tell your friends in unsigned bands that BitB is great way to create a following, and make money!

gogo Inflight InternetEarlier this week my family I caught one of the last flights out of Dallas, TX before a massive winter storm closed the airport and crippled many eastern and southern states.  We had just spent four days in southern Indiana for the funeral of Eva’s mom.  AA Flight 1951 to Sacramento was the bumpiest ride I have experienced on a commercial airliner (weather related, not pilot or aircraft induced). It turned out to be a memorable flight, and not just because of the rough ride.  It was also my first experience using the Internet at 30,000ft!

American Airlines is one of a number carriers that now offers passengers inflight Wi-Fi. The service is called “gogo Inflight Internet”, and although it is not free, it is good value. During the flight I was able to:
a. surf the web,
b. send email,
c. post a Facebook status,
d. FTP updates for several Ace Hardware websites, and
e. even use “Go To My PC” to remotely access my office computer in Sacramento, CA.

In addition, I used both my laptop and iPhone while in flight!

It’s a simple three step process to get online with gogo:
1. Turn on laptop, pad or smart phone Wi-Fi.
2. Select the “gogoinflight” connection.
3. Launch the browser and sign up for gogo Inflight service.
There is a card in each seat pocket with specific instructions for iPhone and Blackberry.

As I said, the service is not free, but the prices are quite reasonable considering there is no alternative at 30,000ft. There are even several options available:
1. Flight Pass. $12.95 for an individual flight.
2. 24 Hour Pass. $11.00.
3. 6 Pack. $49.95 for a six flight bundle.
4. Unlimited. $34.95 per month automatically renewed, cancel anytime.

The bottom line for me was that for the price of a few Starbucks lattes (which I could not even buy in rural southern Indiana) I was able to complete a number of pieces of work which otherwise would have required me to work late after the flight or rise early the next day.  Good value indeed!

For more information visit

Watch this great video from Excentric to see how the Web might tell the Nativity story if it happened today!  It’s the original Christmas story told through various online mediums including; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare and Amazon.

Times may change, but the feeling remains the same.  Happy Digital Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Outback SolutionsHappy Holidays from Outback Solutions!
As you know everything is faster on the web, so here are the “Five Days of Business” (to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas). Brought to you by Outback Solutions.  Remember us “For the best exposure you can get, without getting arrested!”

“The Five Days of Business”

On the first day of Business, my web guy gave to me;
A killer name on Go-o Daddy.

On the second day of Business, my web guy gave to me;
A beaut’ we-ebsite;
And a killer name on Go-o Daddy.

On the third day of business, my web guy gave to me;
Great SEO,
A beaut’ we-ebsite,
And a killer name on Go-o Daddy.

On the fourth day of Business, my web guy gave to me;
Top Google rank,
Great SEO,
A beaut’ we-ebsite,
And a killer name on Go-o Daddy.

On the fifth day of Business, my web guy gave to me,
Five golden telephone rings;
To-op Google rank,
Great SEO,
A beau-ut’ we-ebsite,
And a killer name on Go-o Daddy!

FacebookI’m often asked what times are the most people using Facebook, and when is the best time to get a status update read by the most people.  According to a number of observers early morning, midday and late afternoon are the most popular times for Facebook usage.

A social media management company called Virtrue recently released the results of a study that seem to confirm the observations.  Virtrue analyzed Facebook posts over a three year period which concluded in October 2010.  The results were drawn from more than 1.64 million posts.  Click here to read more about the study.

Listed below are some of the most interesting findings of the study:

  • Week day Facebook usage becomes very popular beginning at about 8am PT and has peaks at 12noon and 5 pm PT.
  • The single largest usage typically occurs at 12noon PT on week days.
  • Usage during all week days is consistent, but Wednesday 12noon PT is the busiest hour.
  • Usage is less pronounced  during the weekend.

So What? Your aim should be to get your message to the maximum number of readers, with the ultimate goal of  sending your idea or brand viral!  Therefore, your first step must be to broadcast your message to as many friends and readers as possible.  So now you know the most productive times to post those updates.  Get on to it, but please respect the hours of business and use them accordingly!

Outback Solutions - A Google Favorite PlaceQR (Quick Response) Codes are an excellent item to add to social media, and hard copy advertising materials including business cards, magazines, billboards, vehicles, shop window displays (see the graphic to the right) and flyers as a way to send traffic to your website, blog, Facebook page or any other location on the web.  They may also be used for text messages and phone numbers.

The QR code is a matrix barcode,  which consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.  Each is unique to a specific address, location or message.  In order to read a QR code you need a QR scanner.  Many smart phones have QR code reader applications available to download. If you have an iPhone, I recommend downloading the app called “QR Code Reader”.

Creating a QR Code. There are a number of websites that will generate QR Codes without charge.  The site I like is KAYWA QR Code.  It provides a simple, easy to use interface which provides for the creation of QR codes for URL, phone numbers and texts.

I recommend you start by creating a QR code for your website and post it on
your Facebook page or blog, just like to one for Outback solutions’ website below.
Outback Solutions'QR Code

Tomorrow I am presenting Social Networking 101 at BizFest Modesto.  To celebrate, Outback Solutions is offering a Wallaby blog special.  Print this blog post and bring it to the event and you will receive TWO tickets for the price of one.

One of BNI’s mandates is to provide business education to its members.  That is exactly what BizFest is designed to do. BizFest Modesto will feature speakers who will provide you actionable ideas to market and grow YOUR business. It is also a great NETWORKING opportunity to strengthen your business relationships both in and out of BNI. BizFest Modesto is open to ALL motivated business people.

CLICK HERE for the Bizfest Modesto flyer, which includes the program, speakers and topics.
Modesto Center Plaza
1000 L Street, Modesto, CA 95354
Click here for driving directions
Open Networking: 8:30-9am
BizFest: 9am-12pm

You may purchase tickets at the door, by calling the BNI Central Valley office at (916) 489-9302, securely online at or by selecting the links below. I look forward to seeing you there.

BNI Members $20
Modesto BizFest

Non-BNI Members $30
Modesto BizFest